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Record internet radio with Online Radio Tuner

If you like to listen to free Internet Radio, Online Radio or Web Radio, then the Online Radio Tuner is the perfect tool for you It will play and record your favorite radio stations and display the album art of the artist (if available). It's the ultimate tool to record radio.

Next generation of Online Radio Tuner

We have just started a beta release for Android. Please check it out. What features would you like to see on Android? Please leave feedback to [email protected].

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We have also started a new generation of Online Radio Tuner, a modern version for Windows 10. What features would you like to see on Windows 10? Please leave feedback to [email protected].


Simply hit the record button to record what you hear to MP3s


In addition to all of the thousands of preset radio stations, you can create your own favorites. You can even create 5 Quick Favorites that are easily accessible from the main screen.


With built in Facebook support, tell your friends what you are listening to by posting to your time line.


In addition to Facebook, you also have the ability to tweet to your followers what you are listening to.


Use the built in scrubbing feature to update Last.Fm with the song info.


There is much more benefits of using Online Radio Tuner. Click here to find out more.