Online Radio Tuner


Use Online Radio Tuner
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Q: What are the system requirements?

A: These are the system requirements:

Q: Does the program support 64bit Windows?

A: Yes.

Q: Why doesn't some WMA streams work correctly?

A: If you experience problems with WMA streams (On Windows 2000 or XP)Download the latest Microsoft WMA-codes from here.

You may also have a local firewall issue. If you have any 3rd party firewall/security suite software, please make sure that you let WMA/MMS: streams pass through without being blocked.

Q: Can I listen to Real Media streams?

A: No, there is no support for Real Media. This is mainly because that the Real format is closed and no third party components except the Real Media Player can utilize these streams.

Q: Why doesn't the recorded files begin and end exactly?

A: Because the accuracy is dependent on the broadcasters information. The more precisely they are sending song change information, the more accurate will the recorded songs be.

Q: What happens after the demo expires?

A: After the trial period, Recording and Album Art are disabled. Apart from that, the program will continue to be functional. You can purchase a license from within the program. During the trial period there are no limitations.

Q: Why doesn't the Album Art show up when I am listening to a station?

A: In order for the Album Art to show the Art, 2 requirements must be fulfilled: